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Bag of 8 Unicorn Poop Wax Melts


Once upon a time, at Orlah HQ, I received a knock at the door one summers day in 2017. Thinking it was the postman delivering some gorgeous new scents for us to use I approached the door greeted by the most sweet and magical scent ever! Upon opening the door I expected a parcel to be waiting on the doorstep. Instead there was a basket with a little pink fluffy blanket inside. I carefully opened the blanket and sleeping safely inside was a tiny baby unicorn. We decided to name her Minnie because she has never grown bigger than my hand. We realised that her tiny poops smelled just like candyfloss, sweets, bubblegum and vanilla!

None of this is true but hey we can pretend :) if you love the scent of whimsical unicorn poo in your home give this one a whirl! Its one of our best selling scents and hopefully one day we'll have enough money to buy a real unicorn that actually does produce soy wax candy scented poops!

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Lynsey farmer - Dudley West midlands - 5 Stars

Beautiful smell received this on national unicorn day as part of the £5 bargain bag the smell is lovely and my house now smells of unicorn poop